HERBALORIGIN was born out of desire; for an authentic and new approach to cannabis - to create a brand that embodies the plant and lifestyle to go with it, without compromising our integrity. We have an  ever lasting relationship with cannabis that started over 25 years ago. Cannabis wellness should be welcomed, cannabis stigma should be addressed. We hope that you can follow us on the journey and help us change perceptions. One of, if not the greatest plant on earth, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be embraced. Science has confirmed what we’ve known all along. We have a natural relationship and connection with cannabis.


"Our main aim is to curate functional products and items that match our beliefs."



One of our favourite things is to be immersed in nature and our natural surroundings. Enjoying the colours, sounds and smells. Free from toxicity and poisoning. Free from unearthly elements that can be harmful and damaging. A free and open mind inspired by the joys of the mother world. We are an embodiment to that ethos. Our name, our products. Natural by nature.


There are many plants, that do many things - which is why we incorporate other botanical compounds into our ingredients - but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be treated as equal. Incorporating cannabis into your daily life as a wellness tool should be as easy and natural as having that first glass of water in the morning.



We aren’t business people who have decided set up and cash in, we are not a CBD brand that’s started because it’s a cool new thing. We started because we genuinely use, love, care about and embrace all aspects of the cannabis plant. We purposefully curate functional items that have a genuine reason to be used. We aren’t the same as others. we pride ourselves on originality. We hope you can join and be apart of us.



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